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Engineered to provide durable protection against damaging environmental elements, the solutions we provide vehicle owners rank among the best on the market. Protecting the overlooked and unseen parts of your car or truck, rustproofing and abrasion protection are proven methods for extending the structural integrity of your vehicle. Our technicians apply these protective coatings using only high-quality, extensively proven materials and techniques.

When meticulously applied, anti-rust compounds create a barrier against salt, water and other damaging elements. Thoroughly penetrating rust-prone crevices, gaps and cavities, rustproofing materials, injected and sprayed through existing auto body holes and open areas, provide maximum protection without the need of drilling. Its wax-based formula permanently bonds to exterior surfaces and its clear, water-proof seal does not restrict or plug drain holes.

Applications for rustproofing and abrasion protection go far beyond trucks and cars though. Extend the functionality and integrity of all of your equipment with X-treme Finishes’ protective coating services. LINE-X coatings provide superior protection for:

  • Recreational vehicles — From RVs to ATVs and jet skis, your toys deserve special attention. Keep the good times going, while avoiding the cost of environmental damages, with LINE-X protective coatings.
  • Marine Equipment and Watercraft — Adding an indestructible outer shell to your boat, watercraft or mechanical equipment, LINE-X coatings allow you to depend on every component by adhering to a variety of materials at the molecular level.
  • Residential Products — From patio furniture to lawnmowers, from sheds to swing sets, there are few (if any) household items that can’t be improved with LINE-X . Homeowners can enjoy the same commercial-grade, waterproof protection as the biggest industrial companies in the world. Applied to floors, decks and foundations, LINE-X coatings ensure impervious protection for years.
  • Agricultural Equipment — Help your gear stand up to the various elements of agricultural work by adding LINE-X protective coatings. From cattle guards to horse trailers, from plow discs to tractor seats, every aspect of your agricultural operation can be made all that more reliable and dependable with LINE-X coatings.
  • Commercial — Want a simple way to boost productivity, reduce repair costs and avoid costly equipment breakdowns? LINE-X is your business’ affordable and reliable solution to your equipment, vehicle and structural needs. Adhering to a variety of hard materials, our line of protective coatings protect the integrity of your facility and its equipment alike with a practically endless list of commercial applications.
  • Industrial — Standing up to corrosives, debris, and abuse, LINE-X coatings allow your crew to perform the dirty work required to get the job done right. Protecting tools, gear, equipment and vehicles in all types of situations, LINE-X cuts the cost and downtime of breakdowns while improving the appearance of your company assets.
  • Security and Defense — Proud to be alongside our soldiers on the battlefield, we are one of the very few products approved for use by the branches of the US military. You know if we’re strong enough to be relied upon in battle, we’ve got you dependably and ruggedly covered.
  • Flooring — A LINE-X ’d floor? It’s a no-brainer. Where else needs constant protection against scuffs, dents, scratches, corrosive materials, stains, and spills. From warehouse loading docks to home entryways, every floor could use a layer of beautiful protection, extending its life and improving its appearance.

At X-treme Finishes, you’ll find one of the most experienced and respected crews in the industry. Our technicians have the experience, know-how and skills needed to ensure the superior workmanship that is proof of our commitment to our customers’ satisfaction. Schedule your service appointment now by contacting us now.